Best Shoes For Walking On Concrete Floors All Day

For some people, they always need to be on the rush and walking all day. It maybe because of their profession or maybe you like walking on concrete from time to time. No matter what the reason maybe, if you are someone who spends a majority of their time walking on concrete floors then you will need to get shoes that will suit your specific. Shoes that are a bit different than the other shoes on the market. You will need shoes that have extra cushioning and supports the arch well. You will need a pair of the best shoes for walking on concrete floors all day. 

However, getting a pair of the best shoes for walking on concrete floors all day is not that easy. And that is mainly because there are so many different types of shoes out there. It becomes really confusing and a bit of a hassle to chose the right one. Before you set your mind upon which one to buy. There are some key things that you would need to beforehand.

1. Well Cushioned:

Walking on concrete all day can turn out to be dangerous and cause you severe foot problems if you aren’t wearing the right shoe. Make sure that the shoe you buy has a lot of cushioning. Athletic and sporty shoes work the best here as they have a lot of cushioning. Having extra cushioning on your shoes will surely help you a long way. Because it will decrease the stress that is created on your feet during walking on concrete. So keep that in mind.

2. The Shoe Must Be Roomy:

If you will be getting a shoe for walking on concrete, then make sure that it’s roomy. Shoes that are wide and roomy will allow you to move your feet freely so that you don’t feel cramped. And this is very crucial. Because you will end up hurting yourself walking on concrete if your feet is all cramped up. It can also cause serious injuries as blood may not be able to circulate properly throughout your feet properly. And when you will be standing or walking on concrete then these things are no joke. So make sure you pick up shoes that are roomy and you find the most comfort in.

3. Expensive Is Not Always The Answer:

A common misconception of buyers whenever they are buying walking shoes. Or as a matter of fact, any shoe. They always tend to go for the expensive ones. As we always believe that they will serve us better. This is not always the case. Even though bigger brands will be expensive and give you more brand value. It is not necessary that they will surely ensure comfort and stability and be worth it. There are some different brands that are very well made and affordable. And most of all super affordable as well.

Reviews Of The Best Shoes For Walking On Concrete Floors All Day

If you are looking for the most comfortable shoes for walking on concrete all day then you wait is over. We will go over few shoes which will help you a lot. Be sure to check them out if you want to overcome you shoe problem. Let’s check them out!


Men’s Version:


1. Asics  GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe:

Asics GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe

Asics has been in the shoe industry for a long time. They have been making really great comfortable shoes. They have seemed to cover the fitness industry with their sports shoe. And as always they have not fallen short with this specific shoe. As the name suggests the shoe is made specifically to help walkers. This shoe has both men’s and women’s version. The shoe is lightweight and has breathable mesh panels which will help you if you wear it for a long period of time. The rubber sole helps you gain more traction.

More grip will allow you to comfortably and safely tread through concrete and beneficial if you are working in a dangerous environment such as construction. The shoe has a sporty look. And as mentioned above sports shoes tend to be great for being on feet. Overall, this is a great pair of shoe. And is extremely helpful if you will be walking for a prolong period that too on concrete. Check out User Reviews.


  • Provides excellent cushioning.
  • Built especially for walking.
  • Looks very stylish.
  • Comes in a number of different colors.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to walk in.
  • The sole of the shoe is made from high-quality materials and is very durable.


  • Since the outsole of the shoe is a bit too hard. It can cause your feet to hurt a bit.


Women’s Variant:


2. ASICS Women’s GT-2000 4:

ASICS Women’s GT-2000 4

There are very few people who are not familiar with the name Asics. They have been a classic brand over the years, and their shoes have always been a fan favorite amongst many. However, one part where most people neglect Asics is regular walking shoes. Their shoes are made very tough and sturdy. And for that, they are not excellent for walking. However, with this one, Asics have proved all their critics wrong.

User Centric:

The main reason why we like this shoe so much is mainly that how well it is designed. And also because it is centric to the user. The shoe was designed for women who would like to have a walking shoe that is light, with a smooth ride and excellent cushioning. Often lightweight shoes tend to be not very well cushioned. And that is because to make the shoe lightweight, cushioning is often sacrificed. But this is not the case here.


As the shoe is so lightweight, it allows good breathability as well. The upper of the shoe is made from a mesh material that allows air to move freely into the shoe. So you will stay cool and dry on all occasions. The GT-2000 also fits extremely well. And we are talking about all types of feet. The heel clutching system allows you to have a secured fit and hold the foot firmly in place. So that you don’t feel uncomfortable while walking. 

As we mentioned before, the cushioning of this shoe is excellent. Not only does it provide good cushioning but will also provide you good shock absorption as well. The sole of the shoe is made from a high-quality rubber and is very different in comparison to other shoes that we mentioned. The high-quality sole also makes the shoe durable as well. Check out User Reviews to learn more.


  • The best-looking shoe on the list.
  • Has brand value.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Long lasting.
  • Very well made.
  • Fit well for all foot types.


  • Does not provide that much of an arch support.


Overall Opinion:

This shoe is light, comfortable and looks good. And in addition to all of this, it makes this shoe one heck of a heavyweight. It is an excellent shoe for walking on a daily basis. Thanks to the durable build, you are very unlikely to have any issues regarding longevity. It also has excellent breathability capabilities as well. Making it one heck of a shoe that you should buy.


Both these shoes are excellent. As a matter of fact, they are one of the best shoes for walking on concrete floors all day. You are very unlikely to go wrong with these ones. No matter which one you choose. They will surely serve you well.

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