Best Sneakers For Being On Feet All Day – Must Read!

The Sneaker Culture:

If you do your research on the best sneakers for being on feet all day you will realize that most sites and reviewers are talking about boring ugly sneakers for old people. However, we at Golden Hobbyist tend to think different. We believe that modern sneakers from Nike and Adidas made nowadays are very sporty and good looking. And not only that. They will also serve your purpose pretty well. Which is being able to stand on your feet all day.


A Wide Variety:

You will pretty well know that big sneaker manufacturers such as Nike, Adidas, New Balance always keep making different sneakers every year. So there is quite a wide variety that you can choose from. However, do keep in mind that not all of these shoes will be the right one for you. They all have their differences.

To make your purchasing decision easier we will talk about a few things that you would need to keep in mind before you buy a pair of the best sneakers for being on feet all day. We will also be talking in depth about the shoes as well.

Get Shoes With Cushioning:

Always look for shoes that have a lot of extra cushioning and support. Shoes with thick soles will be able to provide you good arch support. If you love wearing shoes that are a bit more rough and sturdy.

2. Use Shoe Inserts:

No matter how good or expensive the shoe is that you buy. It will come of no use if you don’t feel comfortable in it. And if you face that type of a situation. Then always consider wearing insoles with your shoe. We would especially recommend you to wear orthotic inserts. As they are more helpful in comparison to some shoes. There are also some shoes that come with removable insoles. Obviously, they won’t be very good. But they help nonetheless.

3. Get The Perfect One For You:

One thing that most people often ignore when buying shoes are the sizing. You have to realize that not every shoe is made for every feet type accordingly. Some may suit wide feet and some may not. Whereas, some shoes may be made for narrow feet and hence won’t fit people with wide feet. So before you go on to buy the shoe you want. Make sure that it will fit you well.


Reviews Of The Best Sneakers For Being On Feet All Day


1.Adidas NMD_R1 (Primeknit):

Adidas NMD_R1 (Primeknit)

There have always been complaints that Adidas does not make good looking sneakers. I do not know if the people saying these are Nike fanboys or what. But this pair of the Adidas NMD_R1 (Primeknit) will surely prove all of the doubters wrong.

Knitted upper seems to be on the rise as both Nike and Adidas are battling it out with their Flyknit and Primeknit versions respectively. Being a flagship shoe from Adidas, the NMD_R1 features a Primeknit upper construction. Which is exactly what you would expect from it. The upper feels extremely soft, light and comfortable. Allowing you to stand on your feet all day long without any hassle. A unique thing that we liked about the design is the tri colored branding on the sides. As you can see in the photo.

The outsole on the shoe is very basic and looks very similar to most Adidas sneakers. However, as it is very thick you shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever in being on your feet all day.

Despite being considered a very light shoe. It does feel a bit sturdy. But that is not really a problem. As it makes the shoe more durable and gives a better fit. It is definitely not uncomfortable by any means. Undoubtedly one of the best sneakers for being on feet all day. Also as well as something that you can wear casually.

2.Nike Men’s Roshe Two Running Shoe:

Nike Men's Roshe Two Running Shoe

The reason why Nike sneakers are so loved around all over the world is simply that of their minimalistic approach to design. They are just very simple and nothing too over the top. And the Nike Men’s Roshe Two Running Shoe is a clear example of that. 

Being a fan favorite it has been competing with more expensive shoes. And it has been winning all this time. However, it is not just the looks that matter here. It is the comfort and fit that steals the show.

If you think that the Primeknit shoes from Adidas are lightweight, then these are a level next step. They are so light that you will feel as if you are barefoot. Do keep in mind that these shoes are way cheaper than the Adidas NMD_R1 (Primeknit). So getting such comfort at such a low price is truly excellent.

The midsole has seen quite a few changes compared to its previous generation. Even though it is still pylon, it has a much softer density. In addition, they have also removed a lot of the foam in there. So it compresses better with each step. As well as flexing more naturally. Making it easier for you to walk.

The fit of these shoes is pretty true to their size. No extra gimmicks. Even if you have wide feet, wearing these shoes won’t be a problem. A unique feature that goes unnoticed in this shoe is the back collar on the interior. It is very well padded so that is a bonus.


3.Adidas Ultra Boost:

Adidas Ultra Boost

There was a lot of hype when Adidas launched the Ultraboost series. Not only did it have the looks to kill. But was also termed as one of the most comfortable shoes out there. But are they the best sneakers for being on feet all day? Well, let’s have a look.

Starting with the build and materials. This is where most of the hype was. The upper is made from a knitted material which Adidas calls Primeknit. This material is very lightweight and comfortable. And also rigid and well structured as well. So do not think that because it is a lightweight shoe, that it won’t last long.

The upper may be soft and all. But it is very flexible and is able to stretch a lot. So it will mold according to your feet. Giving you a very snug fit. To put it in simpler words. It feels as if you are wearing a sock. It feels so comfortable that you will feel as if the shoe sinks back when you take a step. This is truly excellent.

Overall, this is undoubtedly one of the best shoes that Adidas makes. You will never be disappointed with it and also not get tired of using it. It maybe is a bit expensive than most sneakers out there. But it is surely worth the price you pay.


4.Adidas Originals Men’s Stan Smith:

Adidas Originals Men's Stan Smith

If you want a classic, timeless pair of sneakers that you can also wear with anything at any time then the Adidas Originals Men’s Stan Smith is the one to go for. But there is a catch. The normal Stan Smiths are not very comfortable. Which cuts it out from the list of the best sneakers for being on feet all day. However, the Stan Smith Primeknit version is quite a different story. 

Adidas making this shoe was probably the most simple yet elegant projects they could ever do. The Stan Smiths were always a favorite amongst everyone. However, to make it more comfortable and to target a wider consumer base, what they did is simply added a Primeknit upper to the shoe. Making it look very elegant and classy.


5.Nike Men’s Free 5.0+ Breathe Running Shoe Synthetic:

Nike Men’s Free 5.0+ Breathe Running Shoe Synthetic

There are very few people who don’t like Nike. Nike has been the leader in the industry for a long time. And quite rightly so because of their high-quality build, reliability, and design. They have taken a special place in all of our hearts. Even though their competitor Adidas makes some great shoes. They truly aren’t as good looking as the ones Nike make. And let’s admit it. A Nike shoe is a Nike shoe. That’s it.

The Nike Men’s Free 5.0+ Breathe Running Shoe Synthetic is a great shoe, and overall they are a complete package. They are stylish, fit well, and most importantly they are very comfortable to wear. One major flaw that Nike has is that most of their shoes have a narrow fit. Making it almost impossible to wear for wide feet. However, with this, they have completely changed that. This shoe was made for all types of feet.

They are also very cleverly designed as well. The design of the shoe allows maximum movement of the foot. So that you can walk properly. The upper of the shoe is made of a mix of synthetic and mesh material. Giving you a good fit, soft cushioning and flexibility.

If you are worried about the fit of the shoes, then don’t be. Because they feel like a glove. And the shoe is so lightweight that you will feel like you are walking on a cloud barefoot. So, with a lightweight nature, flexible upper and minimalistic design. These are truly a great pair of shoes. Even though Nike shoes are mostly known for their looks. What Nike has done here is sacrificed all that to give you a shoe that you will feel comfortable. But, they are great looking nonetheless. So be sure to check them out.

Is It Perfect?

However, every shoe is not perfect. And the same case is with this one. This has a few problems as well. Firstly, the front of the shoe looks very weird. Since it protrudes out, it looks a little strange. Secondly, if you are coming from using a Nike shoe, then you might need to get a bigger size.


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