Best Soccer Cleats For Ankle Support To Help You Play Better

Soccer Cleats Today:

The soccer cleats that are made today have come a seriously long way from where they started. Gone are the days of wearing immensely heavy leather soccer cleats. That would make your feet sore after a kick or two. A few years ago, no one would have expected that we would be able to buy best soccer cleats for ankle support. Specifically making a pair of boots for a specific reason was no discussion.

However, times have changed. The big brand guns such as Nike and Adidas have evolved a lot over the years. Innovation has been at its peak. As the soccer cleats manufacturers are constantly innovating to give the players the best that money can buy.

The Odd One:

When we speak of the change in soccer boots. It is not just the change in fit, feel and innovation. But the aesthetics and design as well. Just compare today’s soccer cleats with that of ten to fifteen years back. Back in the day, soccer cleats were very simple and had a minimal design. As comfort and performance were being given more priority. Fast forward to today, designers have come up with soccer cleats that not only look aesthetically pleasing. But perform miles better than their previous generations.

However, not everyone is lucky enough to wear all the soccer cleats that come in the market. And if you are reading this I am pretty sure you are one of them. Different soccer cleats are shaped and sized very differently. Same is the case of materials as well. Not every soccer cleat is made with the same material. And if you are looking for the best soccer cleats for ankle support than the material that the boot is made up of is really important.

Hard To Find?

The thing with soccer cleats today is that they are made very light and soft. To give you a more molded fit and feel. However, if you are looking for soccer cleats with ankle support. Lightweight and low soccer cleats shouldn’t be your choice. The most crucial thing about soccer cleats is how they fit and feel. All the other things are just an extra bonus.

However, finding the best soccer cleats for ankle support is no easy task. There aren’t many soccer cleats out there that can help you with ankle support. Luckily. to save your time we decided to find a few of them. Before jumping into them, we would like to talk to you about a few factors and points to keep in mind before you go on to purchase the best soccer cleats for ankle support. So let’s have a look at them.

Factors To Consider:

1. Size:

First of all, make sure that you are getting the right size. The shoe sizes of brands vary so make sure of that. Without having the right size you won’t be able to play well or feel comfortable.

2. The Upper Material:

What type of upper you would want for your soccer cleats really depends on you. However, if you asked for a suggestion then we would suggest going for leather. Leather soccer cleats are easier to live with as they stay durable in all conditions. In addition, giving you more comfort and reliability.

3. The Grip Design:

The reason why so much attention is put into the design of soccer cleats today is that to improve your performance on the field. Every brand has their own signature design. All different from the other. The outer grip design of soccer cleats concentrates on providing better ball control, and an enhanced touch. It will also give you good grip and control during wetter conditions as well. What you get entirely depends on your own choice and personal preference. And the type of ground you play in.

4. Change Over Time:

Today as soccer cleats have become lighter, the materials have also become much more flexible. A flexible foot is often preferred for a number of different reasons. Quick acceleration being the first of many. However, since we are talking about the best soccer cleats for ankle support you would want to for something that has an internal cage of soft material or external thermoplastic support structures. Mostly around the heel and the arch.

Ankle Issues:

If you are someone who is suffering from ankle roll and feel pain when you wear soccer cleats. Then it is extremely crucial that you get best soccer cleats for ankle support. The cleats that we will be talking about have protective techniques and measures to keep the balance.

Boots such as the ACE Primeknit, with Nike’s Mercurial Superfly, Magista and the Hypervenom range all sporting ankle socks. In addition, Puma has also come up with soccer cleats like this as well. What the ankle sock does is grabs your ankle and helps in knowing when the foot is rolling over too much so muscles can be fired to protect the ankle before an injury occurs. It’s a similar concept to simple ankle taping.


A Look At The Best Soccer Cleats For Ankle Support:


1. Asics Men’s Gel-Lethal Tigreor 7 IT Soccer Shoe:

Asics Men's Gel-Lethal Tigreor 7 IT Soccer Shoe

We will start with something slow. And that is because this particular soccer cleat is very different from most of the shoes from Nike or Adidas. This one is made for pure ankle support. If you often suffer from ankle problems, blisters, calluses, turf toe, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy, ankle sprains, shin pain, calf strain, knee pain or even hamstring strains then this is definitely the one you should look up.

However, this is just one of the many features that this soccer shoe possesses. It has a wide ton of other features as well. It has a 10mm heel raise that is built into the midsole. Something that you don’t see very often now. The rise in the heel is done by putting EVA foam. The raised heel is very important as it helps to decrease tension on hamstrings, calf muscles and heels.

2. Nike Mercurial Superfly:

Nike Mercurial Superfly V Men's Firm-Ground Soccer Cleats


Now, this is one pair of soccer cleats that we wanted to talk more about. It is the only one you will ever need.

One thing to always keep in mind while buying any soccer shoe is its appearance. Looks do matter. And what is the point of buying an expensive boot if you aren’t able to attract a few eyes to it? This is why the Nike Mercurial Superfly series is one of our favorites. And the Nike Mercurial Superfly 5 is no way less. It is in no way less attractive or performance wise better than it’s other generations. But on the football field, however, colors don’t speak, performance does. So are these boots really super and do they fly?. Well, let’s check out

 Be Fast, Be Mercurial:

Over the years many of the greatest wingers have been sporting the Nike Mercurial Superfly. Starting from Cristiano Ronaldo, Alexis Sanchez, Eden Hazard and who not. These cleats are undoubtedly the best soccer cleats for a winger who likes to speed up the game and leave the defenders for dead.

Compared to its last version the Nike Superfly 4 the 5 has seen some great new changes. No, don’t worry everyone’s favorite dynamic fit collar is still there.The dynamic fit collar has a few nice changes as well.The blister machines and the synthetic strap has been reduced which means pressure points are a thing of the past. It is the upper that has faced a few changes.

Keeping The Fly Knit:

The fly knit material stays on this Superfly as well. It is a very interesting material in my opinion. It doesn’t matter whether you used it before or not. The fly knit on the Nike Mercurial Superfly 5 molds right into your feet. The inner lining of the boot is a smooth synthetic that is meant to allow the Flyknit to move and adjust how it will. This, however, sees a lot of little improvements. First being the knitted speed rim. With this technology, Nike is aiming to give the Superfly 5 more structure, stability and lockdown and the changes feel good immediately.

The thing that anyone will notice on the Superfly V is the “3-d textured Speed Rib construction. Every black line that you see running along the forefoot is part of a slightly raised “rib.” Purposed and advertised to aid in adding friction between the boot and the ball, the boot does have some nice grip when having the ball underfoot

The thing that anyone will notice on the Superfly V is the “3-d textured Speed Rib construction. Every black line that you see running along the forefoot is part of a slightly raised “rib.” Purposed and advertised to aid in adding friction between the boot and the ball, the boot does have some nice grip when having the ball underfoot

Fit And Comfort:

If I were to talk about the fit and comfort of these boots I would say these fit like a Formula 1 race car. You can’t do much around but on the other hand, there’s not really anything annoying or squeezing your foot. The re-engineered fly knit upper feels great and comfy allowing you to generate maximum speed. Size wise these are pretty narrow so if you have wide feet don’t even bother to buy these.

No To The Carbon fiber:

If you would remember the previous generation of the Superfly had a soleplate which was made of carbon fiber. While it helped the boot to become very light and allowed players to run faster. There were some complaints as well. This time, Nike replaced it with a single layer vacuumed pressed anatomical soleplate to optimize your energy output by allowing your feet to sink into it. Now, this makes the boot very light as well. Not only does putting your foot on the plate feels like stepping on a cloud it actually prevents your foot from moving which makes the Superfly 5 insanely responsive with no stud pressure.

While the soleplate doesn’t have a conventional look to it I became a quick fan. Nike has also altered the shape and build of this soleplate to give a better feel underfoot and fit better with your foot’s shape. The studs are also nice and have key features to it.

The studs on the Nike Mercurial Superfly 5 are probably the most aggressive and quite frankly the best on the market for speed. So if you are someone who wants to break ankles and get past defenders with pace these will be the best football boots for you. You will literally feel like a Ferrari in these. The studs are really great and they dig into the ground quickly allowing you to have a high level of traction and doing what the Mercurial does best: quicks cuts, chops, and insane speed.

Control And Touch:

The touch of this shoe in one word is close, precise and very natural both when dribbling and shooting. With the speed ribs offering more grip on the ball than its predecessor. The Superfly 5 gave me enough confidence to try out the cheeky stuff while still being pleasantly straightforward.

Little Flaws:

However, there are still a few things about this shoe that bother me a bit. And that is the design. This may vary but for me, there is just too much going on. And for such a flawless speed monster as this, it should look every bit as fearsome as it feels. Other than that I don’t have any other complaints about it.

Just Kick It:

People who play soccer on a regular basis, often get very demotivated and they stop playing. Especially when they get ankle problems or something. However, we want to tell you that feeling pain in your ankles while playing soccer is something very normal. And you shouldn’t be at all worried about them. If you wear the best soccer cleats for ankle support that we suggested. You are sure to have no problems whatsoever.

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