Best Tennis Shoes For Walking All Day

A Tiresome Challenge:

Some say that walking is very fun. It is relaxing and helps you relieve stress. However, it surely isn’t very fun when you are walking all day.

For some people, walking is not just a hobby or an activity to relieve stress. They have to do it because it is their job to. For some people like postmen, delivery guys, door to door salesman it maybe more of a necessity and a duty to walk all day to do their job. As we mentioned before, walking all day is no easy task. It gets even tougher if you do not have a pair of the best tennis shoes for walking all day.

We could have talked about any type of shoe today that would have helped you to walk comfortably all day. But we decided to talk about the best tennis shoes for walking all day because of a few reasons.

First of all, tennis shoes are priced very cheaply. You can get them at a very good price online. However, despite being so affordable, they are extremely comfortable to walk in. In addition, tennis shoes are also very versatile. What that means is that not only can you wear them for walking. But also do jogging, go to the gym, play tennis. As well as wear it casually. You can do a lot.

Before You Buy:

However, there is a slight problem with tennis shoes. And that is because there are a number of different tennis shoes out there. While you can wear some of them for occasions. The same cannot be said for the others.

And that is because some tennis shoes are made very court focused. So they won’t help you in walking. Rather they are very focused on playing tennis.

However, there is no need to freak out. Because over this article we will not only be talking to you about some of the best tennis shoes for walking all day. But also look at a few key factors that you would need to keep in mind before you go on to make your purchase.

Crucial Cushioning:

Walking all day can be strenuous if the proper shoe is not worn. Before you buy a shoe make sure it has a lot of cushioning. Some profession requires one to stand on their feet or walk for a prolonged period of time. Having extra cushioning will help a long way. As it will decrease the stress created on feet during walking. So make sure you pick up a shoe with good cushioning.


A Wide Toe Box:

If you are someone who has a unique pair of feet then your needs may vary. Some may have wide feet and may have a trouble finding the perfect shoe. However, most of us tend to ignore our feet type as we carelessly pick up the most good looking shoe. However, walking all day long is no joke. You need to take care of your feet. Pick up shoes which fit you comfortably and don’t cramp your feet. Wearing tight shoes, that too for a long period of time can be harmful to your body. You may face in grown toe nail. Blood may not circulate properly through out your feet properly. And when you will be standing or walking on concrete then these things are no joke. So make sure you pick up shoes that are roomy and you find the most comfort in.

Invest A Bit:

However, there is a common problem with those who want to know what are the best tennis shoes for walking. And that is they are not willing to spend a good deal of money on these shoes. This should not be the case. One thing that you have to realize is that these shoes are made from very high-quality materials and components. And they serve a purpose. They aren’t your regular pair of shoes. So never hesitate to spend a bit extra on these shoes. It will surely be worth it.

Custom Insoles:

This might be a controversial issue. But no matter how good shoes you buy. For some people, there will always be the issue of not liking the insoles. Many tennis shoes that are made for walking usually lack cushioning. However, you can easily solve the problem of under cushioning by wearing third party insoles. There are a number of different insoles that you can find out there that are made for walking on concrete and other hard surfaces. So give it a look. However, we highly doubt that you will ever need to buy extra insoles. As the shoes that we talked about already come with insoles that are good enough.

For The Ladies Out There:

Before we go on to talk about the best tennis shoes for walking all day, there is one thing that we would like to address to all the women out there.

Since we have talked about what kinds of shoe you need to purchase. Let’s have a look at what type of shoes you should definitely not buy. This may seem very obvious. But always try to ignore high heels. And even if you do wear heels. Make sure that they are no less than 2 inches. This is because high heels will not help you in keeping a comfortable walk. But rather make things more complicated.

Also, do not wear flat sandals or shoes with a thin sole. As they won’t be able to give you support and cushioning. Shoes with thick soles will be better at providing cushioning and comfort. Just like every other factor, the size of your shoes is also equally important. So no matter whatever shoe you might get. Make sure you get the right size.

The Best Tennis Shoes For Walking All Day:

For Women:

1.Adidas NEO Women’s Cloudfoam:

Adidas NEO Women’s Cloudfoam

This shoe from Adidas is probably one of the most underrated shoes of all time. The lack of attention that it gets is really staggering. And that is because of the sheer comfort that this will give you when you wear this walking. And this is something that you would very much expect from Adidas. All their shoes are the best of the category.

It is also very versatile. That is you can wear them for walking, as well as to the gym or for cross training activities as well. It will surely be your best friend on walks. This is because this shoe has excellent cushioning capabilities. The footbed is light. And the sole is very durable. So when people ask what are the best tennis shoes for walking? This is a very good option.

The upper of the shoe is made from a synthetic material. In addition, it also has mesh material on the upper as well. The inclusion of this mesh material is very crucial. Because it helps a lot in the breathability of the overall shoe.

Overall, these are an excellent pair of shoes. Very durable, well made and most importantly it bears the three stripes of Adidas. It is a clear symbol of brand value.


  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Well supportive and highly cushioned.
  • Stylish.
  • Comes in a number of different colors.


  • A bit slippery and makes a bit of noise while walking.


For Men:

1.Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade 2016 Tennis Shoe:

Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade 2016 Tennis Shoe

The Adidas Barricade line has been a classic tennis shoe for many years. And this model continues that legacy. Even though this shoe has seen many changes and developments throughout the years, it still holds that enigma. And with this model, they have done a lot to improve the comfort of the shoe. The cushioning on this shoe is great. It even has to cushion in the heel area. However, the cushioning on this is not like any other shoe. Another great thing that you will like about this is that they take absolutely no time to break in. No time at all. You can wear them right out of the box and you will straight away get the comfort of a fully used shoe. And this is mainly because of the soft upper. The soft upper gives you a very snug fit. And the tongue of the shoe is there to add comfort. It is also very low to the ground.

Most tennis shoes tend to have high heel area. So they are not very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. This, however, is not like that. The shoes also have some overlays that help to promote ventilation. However, the problem is that these shoes may turn out to be too lightweight for some people. Especially for older individuals who are used to playing tennis in hard and heavy shoes. But nonetheless, if you are on the hunt to know what are the best tennis shoes for walking then you can definitely try this one out.



  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Has the classic Adidas stripes design.
  • Has good grip.
  • Very flexible.
  • Unique designs allow good friction and stability.



  • Not for every age group.
  • Is a bit narrow.

A Common Misconception:

Some people think that tennis shoes are only made to play tennis. And not for any other purposes. If you are someone like that, then we hope your misconceptions are solved.

We also hope that this article about the best tennis shoes for walking all day will really help you a lot in making your purchase.

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