Best Tennis Shoes For Wide Feet Womens – Review

Why Wear Tennis Shoes?

By reading the heading, you would have already assumed that today we will be talking about the best tennis shoes for wide feet womens. Before we go any further there is one very controversial topic that we would like to discuss. And that is why wear tennis shoes if you have wide feet?

This is a very common question and also a very legit one as well. I mean why would you want to wear shoes that were made for tennis. Why not wear normal proper shoes.

Well, the problem with normal shoes for women is that if you are someone with wide feet then you would go under quite a hassle to find one that will suit your wide feet well. In comes the tennis shoes to the rescue. Most tennis shoes are made in such a way that they will be able to give you the best comfort and reliability. Especially for wide feet. If you are by any chance concerned with the looks. Then please don’t be. That is because tennis shoes are multipurpose made. What this means is that you can wear them on a daily basis. And also play wearing them on the court.


Things To Keep In Mind:

However, as it may seem. Finding the best tennis shoes for wide feet womens is not that easy of a task. And that is mainly because not all tennis shoes will help and benefit wide feet. There are a few exceptions. Also, before you go on to buy yourself one of the best tennis shoes for wide feet womens there are a few things that you would like to consider beforehand. Let’s have a look at them.

Avoid High Heels:

However, the sad reality is that those Louis Vuitton or Louboutin high heels that you saw and like so much online aren’t the perfect ones for you. And not because they won’t suit you or anything. Because, who am I to tell that. But the reason is that you have wide feet in general. These types of high heels shoes will not be appropriate for you. Shoes with high heels are made in such a way that they are narrow and won’t fit wide feet comfortably. They will just make things worse.

Wear The Proper Shoes:

Walking around in shoes that don’t fit you well is strictly prohibited. And by this, we mean that wearing shoes that are too narrow or even too loose will end up causing severe foot diseases. Such as blisters or bunions. Always keep in mind that both the size and width of your shoes should be true to your feet. Not just the size tag.


Don’t Hesitate To Spend:

People who suffer from wide feet. Or as a matter of fact, any types of feet diseases have one very bad thing in common. And that is they always tend to neglect the situation of their feet. This can turn out to be harmful.

And it can even get extremely severe if you don’t spend on a good pair of wide shoes. Spending a bit on these type of shoes is worth it. The reason most people are often reluctant to spend a bit more on high-quality shoes is that they think they won’t be worth it and won’t help in curing their feet problems. This is not true.

First of all, there is a very good reason why these shoes are priced a bit higher than normal shoes. And that is because they are made from very high-quality materials that are very rare to be found on normal shoes. And also because they are designed very uniquely as well. Their design is what will allow you to feel comfortable and safe while wearing these shoes. So overall, try your best to spend an extra few dollars while you are buying a pair of the best tennis shoes for wide feet womens. Trust me, every penny you spend on them will be worth it. Now that we have talked enough about what you need to know before buying these shoes. Let’s have a look at a few that you would like.


1.Adidas Performance Women’s Adizero Ubersonic 2 W Tennis Shoe:

Adidas Performance Women's Adizero Ubersonic 2 W Tennis Shoe

As we have mentioned before. Adidas makes one of the best tennis shoes out there. And the Adidas Performance Women’s Adizero Ubersonic 2 W Tennis Shoe

is one of the best tennis shoes for wide feet womens. These shoes are very light, responsive, breathable and fast. A few years ago finding the right tennis shoes was hard. Trying to find something that had the right balance between support, comfort, and weight was one big hassle. But fortunately, now it is a completely different story. The AdidasPerformance Women’s Adizero Ubersonic 2 W Tennis Shoe is a perfect blend of all these that you will need. There is a new type of technology in this shoe which is called Ubersonic. What it does it puts the shoe low to the ground with minimal essentials. So that weight is reduced, and it ensures quick movement. 

These take no time to break in, and you will feel that straight away when you wear them out of the box. You will also notice that they are relatively light compared to other tennis shoes. It has a very snug fit. But you won’t feel your feet getting squeezed up because the shoe has a very wide toe box. However, apart from comfort. They are also superb on the court as well.

Be it clay or hard courts. With this Adizero you are very likely to get ample support and grip. These shoes were made for wearing for long periods of time. And that can be seen in the upper of the shoe which is made from mesh. It doesn’t have any extra seams. So you will be able to play for longer periods of time. Even though the upper is soft, it is very durable nonetheless. You are very unlikely to see any wear or tear after regular use.

The Bad Sides

However, the problem with these shoes is that they won’t be able to give you much support compared to the other shoes on the list. Other than that. There aren’t any major problems.


  • Very sporty looking and color.
  • Superbly lightweight.
  • Helps you to get faster.
  • Takes absolutely no time to break in.
  • Very well built.
  • Gives great ankle support.


  • Very little arch support.



2. Adidas NEO Women’s Cloudfoam:

Adidas NEO Women’s Cloudfoam

This shoe from Adidas is probably one of the most underrated shoes of all time. The lack of attention that it gets is really staggering. And that is because of the sheer comfort that this will give you when you wear this walking. And this is something that you would very much expect from Adidas. All their shoes are the best of the category.

It is also very versatile. That is you can wear them for walking, as well as to the gym or for cross training activities as well. It will surely be your best friend on walks. This is because this shoe has excellent cushioning capabilities. The footbed is light. And the sole is very durable. So when people ask what are the best tennis shoes for walking? This is a very good option.

The upper of the shoe is made from a synthetic material. In addition, it also has mesh material on the upper as well. The inclusion of this mesh material is very crucial. Because it helps a lot in the breathability of the overall shoe.

Overall, these are an excellent pair of shoes. Very durable, well made and most importantly it bears the three stripes of Adidas. It is a clear symbol of brand value.


  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Well supportive and highly cushioned.
  • Stylish.
  • Comes in a number of different colors.


  • A bit slippery and makes a bit of noise while walking.




3.Nike Women’s Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Tennis Shoe:

Nike Women's Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Tennis Shoe


Just like Adidas, Nike also makes some of the best tennis shoes out there. The Nike’s Vapor range got very famous when they launched the Vapor football boots. So when Nike decided to launch a pair of tennis shoes under the Vapor tag. There was a lot of hype. And it did impress. This was like the Vapor football boot’s brother who plays tennis. If you are someone who likes to move around a lot on the court and wants something lightweight. Then this will be the perfect option for you. The Vapor Court is lightweight, comfortable and offers a great fit. But, however, since we are talking about tennis shoes that are comfortable. We also need to say how comfortable these are. The shoe has leather and splits upper.

They combine to give a very stylish look and also offer superb comfort. The outsole of the shoe is very wide. So it will allow you to move your feet around without any problems. You will also be able to accelerate much faster with these since the shoes are very low. Overall, if you are looking for tennis for both playing tennis and walking around all day, then this is an excellent choice. It is also very affordable as well. So you are very likely to wrong with it. However, these are not very durable. So they will not last if you use them very rough and hard.


  • Value for money.
  • They fit well and are very comfortable.
  • Very sturdy and well built.



  • Not very durable.
  • It’s a bit sturdy and hard.



The Ladies With The Wide Feet:

Having wide feet is definitely not something that people wish for. However, stressing out on it won’t give you any solution. Rather you would want to wear shoes that would help you to stay comfortable. Like the best tennis shoes for wide feet womens. All these shoes that we have mentioned are truly excellent. And will surely be worth your money. Do give them a look.

Just ditch those high heels and narrow shoes that make you think you look good. But deep down inside you are pretty much dead. So keep that in mind. However, wide feet can also turn out to get more severe like bunions and pain in the arch. So if you end up facing severe problems with your feet. Make sure you consult a doctor.

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