Best Women’s Dress Shoes For Standing All Day – Top Picks

Heart’s Deepest Desires:

For a woman, her shoes mean a lot to her. And likely so. Do not ask why they like it so much or anything. They just do. There is no explanation of that. However, when we at Golden Hobbyist were given the task of writing about the best women’s dress shoes for standing all day. We were a bit skeptical at first. As every women have different taste in shoes.

Luckily we never back away from a challenge. Which is why we did our research and came up with a list of the best women’s dress shoes for standing all day. Over this article, we will not only be looking at shoes. But also go through a few factors and points that you would need to consider before you go on to make your purchase.

The Slight Problems:

The most interesting and also a problem with women’s shoes is that there are so many different types of them that you will not be able to tell which one is the best. However, since we are talking about the best women’s dress shoes for standing all day. Let’s just stick to women’s dress shoes for now.

You see when you are looking to get a pair of shoes for standing all day. You will need to make sure that these shoes have ample cushioning on them. However, most dress shoes on the market do not. And that is completely fine. And the reason behind that is they were not made for that purpose.

However, even though cushioning is important. There are also a number of different factors that play major roles as well. So thinking that you will not be able to stand comfortably all day wearing dress shoes is a stupid misconception.

Things To Keep In Mind:

Get Shoes With Extra Cushioning:

Always look for shoes that have a lot of extra cushioning and support. Shoes with thick soles will be able to provide you good arch support. If you love wearing shoes that are a bit more rough and sturdy. Then do consider getting a pair of a composite toe work boots or normal work boots in general. They will help a lot.

2. Use Shoe Inserts:

No matter how good or expensive the shoe is that you buy. It will come of no use if you don’t feel comfortable in it. And if you face that type of a situation. Then always consider wearing insoles with your shoe. We would especially recommend you to wear orthotic inserts. As they are more helpful in comparison to some shoes. There are also some shoes that come with removable insoles. Obviously, they won’t be very good. But they help nonetheless.

3. Get The Perfect One For You:

One thing that most people often ignore when buying shoes are the sizing. You have to realize that not every shoe is made for every feet type accordingly. Some may suit wide feet and some may not. Whereas, some shoes may be made for narrow feet and hence won’t fit people with wide feet. So before you go on to buy the shoe you want. Make sure that it will fit you well.

A Look At The Best Women’s Dress Shoes For

Standing All Day:


1.Dansko Women’s Lulu Mary Jane Flat:

Dansko Women’s Lulu Mary Jane Flat



Dansko is a very famous brand, and they are very well known for making dressy and comfortable shoes for women. All of their shoes are comfortable and of very high quality. And this particular model is no exception.

Design wise they are very dressy but unique. And you will notice that right away because of the ankle strap. Even though it is unique, it still gives a very nice touch to the shoe while still keeping it formal. The sole of the shoe is very thick which means that you will be able to get ample support from them while standing all day. However, it is not only the outside of the shoes that is interesting. The interior of the shoe provides a very nice and comfortable feel. It also looks very stylish thanks to the full grain leather that adds a very luxurious look to it. The insoles of the shoe are also removable. So if you don’t like the ones that come with it, you can replace them easily.  Also, the toe box of these shoes is very wide so that you can move your feet around. They will be able to provide you excellent arch support and cushioning as well.

Overall, these are a great pair of classy and dressy looking shoes. If you are looking for a dressy shoe that you will feel comfortable in then, this is surely the one to go for. Since it is made of leather, it is also very durable as well.

However, a minor problem with it is that some people may not like the overall construction of this shoe since it is a bit different.


  • Great arch support.
  • Feels premium.
  • Very versatile.
  • Wide toe box.
  • Removable insoles.
  • Incredibly comfortable.


  • They make a sort of squeaking noise.

2. Alegria Women’s Alli Professional Flat:

Alegria Women’s Alli Professional Flat



If you are looking for the best women’s dress shoes for standing all day, then you would like to buy something that is elegant and classy but will also keep you warm. And the Alegria Women’s Alli Professional Flat is just the right shoe for that occasion. If you are looking for good looking shoes, then the Alegria has some great options. 

This shoe, in particular, is very cute. It is a flat closed top shoe. The shoe is made from leather which gives it a very formal and classy look. However, they are also very versatile. Because you can wear them casually too. So when you are buying this shoe, you are getting two very different uses. You can wear them to work. And also pair it up with a casual outfit.

The design and build of the shoe are what attracts the most attention here. These shoes are made from a full grain leather. It makes the shoe look expensive, whereas they are very affordable. They look premium. It is a great addition. But apart from looking pretty, they are also very comfortable.And that is mainly because of the patented insole. Since it is made from foam and cork, it is very comfortable, and the ergonomically correct design provides good arch support and cushioning. These shoes overall have great cushioning and is very comfy.

One thing that you will notice immediately is that this shoe has a very thick sole. And there is also a bit of a slope from heel to toe. This slope is not just a design feature. But it also makes the shoe balanced well. The rocker motion supports natural gait, and you’ll have deep cushioning with every step. The rubber sole is durable and provides traction on slippery surfaces.

However, the problem with these shoes is that they tend to run a bit small in size. And if you have large feet you may face a bit of a problem in finding the right size.


  • Elegant and classy.
  • Perfect shoe for work.
  • Has a premium feel.
  • Very well made.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Versatile.


  • The size runs a bit small.
  • A bit too formal.

3. Rockport Women’s Total Motion 75MM T-Strap

Dress Pump:

Rockport Women’s Total Motion 75MM T-Strap Dress Pump


We will start off by talking about the sexiest one of them all. The Rockport Women’s Total Motion 75MM T-Strap Dress Pump.Rockport is very well known for making women’s shoes that are stylish and classy. But they are also very comfortable as well. However, the main highlight of these shoes is how good they look. If you are someone who doesn’t like to sacrifice style for comfort, then these shoes will be the perfect ones for you. They are also very versatile. You can wear them when you are working and also wear them to dinner on the weekend with your other half.

The upper of the shoe is made from a very smooth leather upper. This upper feels soft and also provides a glove-like fit. They are also immensely flexible and will be able to give you an all day comfort.

The heel measures approximately 3″. Which is not that much and won’t certainly hamper your comfort. There is a foamed lining that will make the shoe easier for you to wear.

Overall with a high-quality build and premium look these shoes are very hard to beat. They surely are one of the best women’s dress shoes for standing all day

However, if you are someone a bit old, then you may not like the heels of this shoe. But other than that, it’s the perfect shoe for a young flight attendant.


  • Dressy and stylish.
  • Comfortable.
  • A bit unique compared to other shoes on the article.
  • The strap works very well to give the best fit possible.


  • Not an ideal option for old women.

4. Aravon Women’s Mona Pump:

Aravon Women’s Mona Pump


This shoe from Aravon has to be mentioned if we are talking about the best women’s dress shoes for standing all day. With a mixture of a high-quality build and comfort. These shoes are indeed very hard to ignore. They are equally stylish and comfortable and also functional. The very first thing that you will notice about these shoes is the broad range of functionality it can offer.

They are lightweight and breathable. While still being very flexible and durable at the same time. And if you are looking for a shoe for standing all day then flexibility is indeed very crucial. Even though the upper of the shoe is made from leather, it is very soft and flexible. The leather upper also provides a very good fit as it adapts to the shape of the wearer’s foot and gives a very snug fit. You can also use the loop closure for a more adjusted fit.


On the outsole, we also find the  Mary Jane’s Mona to be maintaining that remarkable flexibility with the help of Mona’s flexible rubber outsole pads which contributes to providing the excellent traction and quality grip on practically any surface. This reliability makes the Mary Jane’s a firm base of support for just about any scenario a walking shoe might encounter throughout its regular activities. Inside the shoe itself, we find internal heel counter and steel shank reinforcement to provide additional support and optimal stability.

Coming to the breathability of these shoes they are just too good. And this is mainly because of the inserts being removable. So after you come back home from work, you can just pop them out. This will prevent your shoes from getting smelly.  The toe box is also quite wide and roomy. Even though they look very bulky, they are extremely lightweight. And you shouldn’t have any problems in wearing them all day.


  • Perfect shoe for wide feet and high arches.
  • Looks classy.
  • Very sophisticated and mature.
  • Removable insoles.
  • Wide toe box.
  • Lightweight.


  • The shoe is a bit wide.


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