Can an Inversion Table Relieve Back Pain?

An inversion table is designed to offer relief from lower back pains. These are reclining tables
that help stretch your muscles and other soft tissues around your spine, and offer a slightly
pulling method to take the pressure off of your nerves, and disc. The table is designed to help
patients that suffer from constant back pain, so they are able to relieve the pain.
These tables are designed to allow you relieve pain in no time. However, it is not determined
whether these results are lasting or not. In addition, some people might feel pain during the
process. Most people claim that the effective results they get from Inversion Table, are
temporary and last for a day at best. There have been cases where the patient claimed that they
were feeling better, and their pain was slipping away until they stepped off the machine and
gravity took over. In addition, it has not been made clear that how long the inversion table
should be used for, and how many times it should be used.

How Should You Use The Inversion Table?

The inversion table should only be used for 10 minutes in the first two weeks. Keep in mind that
you should not go below 45 degrees, as you will be able to feel the difference at 20 to 30
degrees. In addition, if you place the table at a greater angle, that you are completely upside
down is not advised. This is because an aggressive approach is not the best way to deal with
this issue. For instance, if your disc is torn, a complete inversion will cause great damage to
your disc. So keep in mind that if you going to take on the table without knowing anything about
the cause of your back pain, then you might cause more harm to yourself.
This is why we suggest you talk to your doctor about your back pain and express your ideas
considering the inversion table. This way you will be able to identify the problem at hand and get
the best medical advice based on your current condition. You may read the review of inversion
tables at The Outdoor Geeks.

Who Should Not Use Inversion Tables?

If you suffer from lumbar instability, then we suggest that you steer clear of the inversion table.
As it will cause damage to your spinal cord. These include, but are not limited to spinal fracture,
or spondylolisthesis. These tables are designed to treat patients that suffer from mild to
moderate back pains and are not suitable for people who suffer from extreme cases of back
pain. In addition, these tables are not suitable for individuals who suffer from high blood
pressure, glaucoma, inguinal hernia, abdominal hernia, heart disease, pregnant, or suffer from a
hip or knee condition.

These tables are not for everyone, which is why you should never get into the matter without
getting to know your current condition. As that will help you make a final decision, and ensure
your overall and back health.