Fishing Rods Bags – The Best Bunch

Fishing Rods Bags Are A Must Have In Your Fishing Arsenal:

Bags and luggage have been a must have item and medium of carrying our possessions. Be it traveling or maybe just to keep things secure. Any type of a bag is a must have. Even though fishing rods bags are important many people don't have the right idea about them. However,today we are not gonna be talking just about any type of bag. We will be talking about the top five best fishing rod bags.

Throughout my life, I have grown and been raised around fishing. From going to fishing with my grandfather to the present days when I am taking my kids to fishing. It hasn't changed a bit. You may revolt saying that fishing equipment and gear has improved a whole deal. Making the experience much easier and comfortable. However,the thing that I am saying that hasn't changed is the feeling and sensation itself. During my long years of fishing, I have learned a lot. One of the most important things that I learned was that your fishing rods are the most loveable thing you can own. Just like every other angler my fishing rods were very close to me. And I saw them more than just a few pieces of rod.

That lead to me being super conscious about them. Since I bought very expensive fishing rods I also had quite a few fishing rod bags too. These fishing rod bags helped me a great deal in keeping my rods safe and scratch free. And not only that. These also helped me to travel with my fishing rods whenever I thought of going to a trip overseas.​

Are Fishing Rod Bags Different?

One thing that most new anglers get confused about when buying the best fishing rod bags is they mix it up with regular bags. Fishing rod bags are in no way like your regular backpacks. They are way different. The first difference that you will get to see is in the shape. Most fishing rod bags tend to have a very slim and narrow design. Much like the bag of a rifle. Nonetheless,there are also many other differences. I will go through them gradually. However,I see that most young anglers today get really confused when buying fishing rod bags. And there are quite a few reasons to be confused as well. There are so many brands and types of fishing rod bags out there. That you may find it very difficult choosing the right one for you.

However,I see that most young anglers today get really confused when buying fishing rod bags. And there are quite a few reasons to be confused as well. There are so many brands and types of fishing rod bags out there. That you may find it very difficult choosing the right one for you.

This is why with all my experience and knowledge I have made a list for you of the top five fishing rod bags that you will find right now. I had the experience of using some of these bags myself and did some research on the ones I didn't. Turns out that all of these bags are really well made and of very high quality. So without any further delay. Let's get into it.​


Best Feature


Allen Cottonwood

Loads of pocket


Made Of High Quality Material


Great Price!


Easy to carry

Fishing Rod Case Organizer

Excellent Design.

1. Allen Cottonwood Fishing Rod & Gear Bag:

fishing rods bags

This bag from Allen Company is one of my most favorite fishing rod bags and there are quite a few reasons for that. The first being the design. It features a very old school and military type of design. Which I personally really like. Another thing that really attracts the attention are the external pockets. This bag features multiple interior see-through zippered storage pockets, padded exterior storage pockets, and eight interior adjustable dividers for rods, reels, and other gear. Which in my opinion are really handy.

It can fit up to four 4-piece 9.5′ rods. Which is really great. The frame of the bag itself is of very high quality and ensures great durability. The bottom of the bag is water resistant. So no chances of your gear getting wet. The zippers are also very strong and rigid. In addition, there is a padded carry handle, and a removable padded shoulder strap making it really easy to carry.​


  • Ample amount of storage to keep things secure.
  • Easy to carry and travel with.
  • Stays flat and doesn't shake.
  • The shoulder strap makes it really easy to carry the bag.
  • Loads of external pockets.


  • Too many external pockets may bother you.

2. Portable Fishing Tackles Suit

best fishing rods bags

Second on my list is a more simple and minimalistic looking bag. If you are someone who likes to fish often. And not willing to spend hundreds of dollars on fishing rods and equipment. Then this will be the perfect choice for you. Now the thing that really surprised me about this is that it is not actually a bag. It's more like a fishing kit for beginners. It comes with a portable fishing lure rod suit,a fishing pole,a fishing reel with fishing line and a delicate fishing bag.

Don't be surprised. You may wonder since they are giving all these in such a good price. You may think that the equipment that comes with the bag are of very low quality. But that isn't the case. First of all the fishing reel is made of high strength abrasion-proof plastic and metal material. This makes it suitable for portable lure rods and shoots fish gun. Whereas the fishing pole which is made of glass fiber is very comfortable to hold. It also has a very good extended length and comes pretty handy.

Now coming to the main part of this product. And that is the fishing rod bag. There isn't much to really say about it. The fishing bag itself is made of 600D oxford cloth and stainless wire. It is really easy to carry since it is very lightweight and small.

Overall,if you are someone who is newly getting into fishing I would day that this bag will be the perfect one for you.​


  • Convenient and portable.
  • Big enough for adult anglers.
  • Made of high-quality materials.
  • Sturdy and rigid built.


  • The guides are a bit difficult to line up.

3. Docooler Portable Folding Fishing Rod Carrier:

fishing bags for rods

If you would have asked me to pick a winner for the weirdest looking design of fishing rod bags. Then I would say that it is the Docooler Portable Folding Fishing Rod Carrier. However,as weird as it may look it is very portable. And a lot of its design actually adds up to the portability itself. Other than that it is pretty much like any normal fishing rods bag. The bag is made of a canvas material. This material makes it water resistant. It also contains two or three main compartments which can store a lot.

It also comes with side pouches. These pouches are really convenient and allow you to store loads of accessories. There are two-layer fishing bags for one shoulder strap and three-layer fishing bags for double shoulder straps. The adjustable straps make it really convenient and easy to use.​


  • The perfect budget option.
  • Unique Design
  • Very high-quality build.
  • Water resistant.


  • The zippers are made of plastic.

4. Allnice Thickening Canvas Fishing Rod and Reel Organizer Travel Carry Case Bag:

fishing rods bag

One thing that has happened due to my long years of fishing is that I have spent a lot and bought a lot of fishing gear. And sometimes when I go fishing I have to take all these with me. So as a result, I also have to carry them in a huge bag. This is why I bought myself the Allnice Thickening Canvas Fishing Rod and Reel Organizer Travel Carry Case Bag. This is probably one of the largest fishing rods bags that you will see.

Being such a huge bag it really doesn't cost that much. It stays in the limit of every other bag that I have mentioned. The design of the bag is very simple. It comes in a greenish khaki color with black trim. It is made of very high quality and durable polyester. So don't worry about it getting ripped off. This bag can in total holds 5 rods and reels on the outside, plus more rods, reels, tackle and equipment on the inside. This makes it really convenient.​


  • Made of very thick and good quality canvas material.
  • Can store a lot of rods.
  • Padded shoulder strap makes it easy to carry.


  • The size is not appropriate for traveling and for some people it may be too big.

5. Fishing Rod Case Organizer:

bags for fishing rods

This one is also a pretty huge fishing rods bag and is pretty similar to the other one that I mentioned. Design wise and functionality wise they are pretty similar. There are some major differences howsoever. And I feel talking about the differences will be a more appropriate solution.

The first difference is that it doesn't look that bulky as the Allnice Thickening Canvas Fishing Rod and Reel Organizer Travel Carry Case Bag. It may be of the same size but it looks way better when you are carrying it.​ f you want to carry your dos on fishing rods case rather than bags then check out: fishing rods case post.


  • Excellent design.
  • There is a zipper on the outside to access the inside of the case.
  • There is a long storage compartment on the outside of the bag.


  • The bag does not stand on its own.

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