How to Look Through a Rifle Scope

You can easily practice precision shooting even without the need for a rifle scope. Let me correct myself, building skill is not easy but with the right motivation, you can achieve anything. However, this will greatly limit your long distance accuracy.

If you want to hit targets that are hundreds of yards away, then you will certainly benefit from a good rifle scope. But how can you set it up and look through it well enough to make those good shots? That’s what we are here to learn.

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Set the rifle scope up the right way

This normally involves two parts. First you need to adjust the reticle and secondly, you have to ensure that the eye relief is well positioned.

Setting the reticle

The reticle is also referred to as the crosshairs. you need to center them and this is especially true if you find yourself removing the rifle scope from its position. To achieve this, you will require untightening the mounting rings. Slightly move and adjust the scope itself until you are confident that the crosshairs are in the right position and center.

Adjusting the eye relief

Eye relief provides a distance from your viewing position typically ranging from between 3 inches and 6 inches. While some scopes provide you with a method to adjust this in the front, most will normally require you to loosen the mounting rings and move the entire scope forwards or backward. Once you have achieved this tighten the mounting rings.

Knowing the knobs:

Those knobs on the rifle scope, they make looking and shooting through the scope seem so complicated. But once you understand what they are meant for, everything becomes simple, well at least in theory.


If you were shooting in a vacuum, with no interference from the elements then you would simply aim for your target with the reticle centered. This is usually not the case and passing wind will alter the bullet’s trajectory. To compensate for this, you need to move the reticle either to the right or left.

Elevation knob

When shooting a target that is a very long way off, gravity will play its part on the bullet. Obviously, it’s not going to keep flying forever and will gravitate downwards the further it flies. To cater for this, you use the elevation knob. This moves the crosshairs upwards or downwards.


Long distance objects or targets may seem distorted and appear as though they are in a position that they actually are not in. that’s where the parallax knob comes in. Note that this is only available on rifle scopes that provide magnification beyond 100 yards mostly. It helps to give you a clear image.

Time to aim at the target

Before taking that all important shot, ensure everything is well adjusted. The reticle should be at the center in normal circumstances. In case there is wind ensure that you have made the correct adjustments.

You need to make sure that the eye relief is in the right position as well. Not too far that you cannot see your target well enough and not too close that you get a proper hit on your face from the recoil.


With the target clear and crisp, take the shot. It really painstaking when you miss, but it provides you with the information you need to make use of those knobs and correct your shot. Do this well and you will likely tip offer that nice ass elk.


If you were wondering how to look through a rifle scope the information above provides you with the basics. This is enough for you to control the rifle scope and improve your shooting distance. Remember, its takes practice to get good at something. Now go and drop that elk, make me proud!