The Importance of Wearing Proper Shoes During Your Daily Exercise Routine

By Amanda Wilks


Exercises are a great way to get flexible, fit, and sexy. What many people do not realize is that shoes are critical to a successful workout session. If you are used to exercising at home, you may be tempted to use any shoes you can find around the house, or even do it barefooted.

Whether your workout involves sports, yoga, pilates, running, or using gym equipment, keep in mind that wearing proper shoes is highly important, as this has serious consequences on your general safety and workout comfort.

Here are several reasons why you should start paying more attention to what you choose to wear during your daily exercise routine.

Your General Health and Well Being

According to most fitness professionals, you have to use a separate pair of shoes for your workouts. If the shoes you wear to the gym are too small, it will put too much pressure on your nails. With time, your nails will blacken and eventually fall out. This process will also be extremely painful, and you may not maximize your workout potential because of the discomfort. Other shoes also rub the wrong way and cause painful blisters that will affect your performance.

This is the case with oversized shoes. On the other hand, worn out shoes do not provide adequate protection. According to the Michigan State University Extension, it is important that you replace your running shoes every 500 miles. It is also hygienic to ensure that the sneakers you use to exercise are not the same ones you wear on your day to day basis. Too much foot sweating can cause foot rot, which is painful and uncomfortable.


Safety is also an issue you need to consider, because wearing inappropriate footwear while exercising can lead to serious injuries. Sure, you may feel that you are more comfortable walking barefoot. However, in the gym and during workouts, accidents can happen. If weights were to fall on your feet, your toes would be injured. Shoes will help reduce the impact and keep your feet safe. With the right shoes, your run on the treadmill will be great, and you will not feel the impact of the workout.

Because safety is important in the gym, it is critical to choose the right shoes for your workouts. According to Kevin Hart, you should wear a different pair of sneakers for each workout routine you engage in. This does not mean that you need to carry several pairs with you; it means you have to choose proper footwear that will support your sporting activities.

For instance, running shoes need to have additional cushioning that helps to absorb shock as your feet hit the ground. If you love cross training, then your shoes are designed to offer more support. There are also custom shoes that work best for weightlifters and hikers. Buying a pair of shoes that will give you the support you need is the first step in ensuring your feet’s health and safety.


Workouts require you to move constantly in order to lose pounds and gain some lean muscles. Sometimes, the movements are simple enough. However, with time, especially for yoga and weightlifting, the movements become tough and need more flexibility. The right shoes will allow you to move easily and have the correct posture at the same time.

Wearing the wrong footwear will hurt your feet and ankles. They will also make the workouts more strenuous. Instead of building muscles, you may find that you are damaging the muscles in your body and causing injuries to yourself. With time, you may give up on working out because exercising will become strenuous and painful, and you will see no results from your hard work.

Maintaining the Right Posture

What most people don’t know is that shoes do not just cushion your feet. The natural curve of your feet also supports the curve of your spine. This allows you to have a healthy posture. Over time, the use of inappropriate footwear affects your posture, which may cause permanent damage to the spine and result in chronic back pain. If you’ve suffered from spinal injuries in the past, you are naturally predisposed to bad posture. During workouts, these predispositions will cause more strain to your spine, leading to serious health problems.

The right footwear can help you improve your posture and keep back pain at bay. Paula Abdul is a celebrity who understands the importance of wearing the right shoes to help reduce back pain. While exercising plays a huge role in your self-esteem, because it makes you feel good about yourself, you do need to be careful in choosing the right shoes, if you want things to work out as they should.


The American Orthopedic Foot Ankle Society suggests that you find the right type of shoes that is most appropriate for the sports and type of workouts you engage in.

You also need to consider the number of times you will be wearing them every week. In addition, make sure to wear sports socks when exercising, in order to make sure that your shoes fit as they should. Also, leave about half an inch between the tip of the shoe and your big toe.

Author Bio: Amanda Wilks is a writer, researcher, and contributor for and other numerous prestigious online publications. She has a great interest in everything related to well-being, especially feet health, and by writing work boots reviews, she aims at helping others make the right decisions. Visit Amanda’s Twitter for more of her writings.