What to Look For While Buying Spin Bikes

Spin bikes are the most sought-after indoor workout machines due to their flexibility when it comes to using. You can use it at any time of the day, regardless of the weather and other outdoor mishaps. It is designed to feel like a track or road bike with enhanced technological features.

Moreover, spin bikes can be used by just anyone from athletes to regular folks looking to stay fit and healthy.  Serious athletes often use it during the winter season. Nevertheless, it can be used by just anyone who prefers to work out at home. It can also save you loads of gym costs, depending on how often you work out.

However, it often comes with different designs and features. Therefore, it is up to you to narrow down the basic qualities you would prefer it to have, before making any purchase.

Here are some few buying guides you can start with to ensure you get a worthy product.

1.     Need and Cost

You should always consider your immediate needs when it comes to spin bikes. Are you looking for a spin bike to train with professionally or just a work out machine to help you lose some kilos? The answer should mirror your final choice as a professional athlete will likely need a sturdy, heavy-duty spin bike designed for their specific needs. This often leaves you with a hefty budget to deal with.

However, if you want a simple spin bike for regular fitness exercises, you can always opt for a low-quality one, designed to last a few years. These are often less expensive and very easy to use and maintain.

Moreover, you should also factor in your weight. Nevertheless, a spin bike with 300lbs or higher capacity is often recommendable and designed to sustain heavyweight athletes. Besides, this will enhance its longevity and minimize any wear and tear often caused by extra individual weight.

2.     Features

Spin bikes are often designed differently and so are some of its features. Not all spin bikes carry the same features in them. Therefore, you should list what you want and what you think you cannot do without in order to purchase a quality functional bike for yourself.

Given that it is a solo work out machine, you can always opt for one with motivating features like a display screen with heart rate monitors as well as track distance coverage. This can help you know if you are making any process.

Moreover, you should get a spin bike with a larger flywheel. This is because they tend to carry loads of weight making them highly challenging and motivating when it comes to spinning.

3.     Resistance and Comfort Level

Some spin bikes often have the convenient option of letting you choose and adjust your own tension level, depending on how fast or slow you want to spin.

Indoor spin bikes often offer two types of resistance and brake mechanism, magnetic brakes, and belt drives

  • Magnetic brakes- These kinds of brakes often work to set a certain tension level for a person to exercise in comfort. It works in a way that the closer the magnets get to the flywheel the harder it becomes to spin. They are often recommended for experienced athletes, no beginners
  • Belt drives- These are often found in simpler spin bikes and are recommended for beginners. They are less challenging to work with and work very silently, unlike magnetic brakes. Besides, you can always adjust it to any level you want. Its maintenance level is also very little to none

Besides, expensive models are often more challenging to work with when compared to the less-expensive ones that require little to no maintenance.

4.     The Level of its Strength and Construction

Spin bikes often do a lot, other than carrying body weight. Therefore, you have to ensure that every inch and part of it is made with strong, sturdy materials. You can opt to review some of the needed materials for a steady spin bike model, to get the gist of what you can use for life or some few years.

5.     Dimensions

Spin bikes often take loads of space. You might need to buy one that can fit into your work out space without being a hazard to you or others in the house.

Therefore, you will have to take a keen look at its overall dimensions before making a specific purchase.

6.     Level of Adjustability of Handlebars and Seats

Indoor spin bikes often offer very comfortable and enjoyable cycling experience. However, it is often better to buy a model that can easily adjust its handlebars and seat.

You can always go for those that can move forward, backward or up and down when it comes to sitting position. In addition, go for those with handlebars that can adjust according to your arm length as well as different movements to maximize your work out positions comfortably.

7.     Ease of Portability

You should ensure that your spin bike has transport wheels attached to it, for easier movement from room to room. This is essential if you plan to move it to different rooms in order to work out or store it. This also applies if you tend to move houses a lot.

8.     Warranty

Spin bikes with longer warranty are often very expensive as they are well built and designed to withstand anything no matter how long or regular you use it. Some even come with a lifetime warranty, which is good.

However, you can always look around for some cheap models with 4-5 warranty coverage. This is not bad, as it will give you some few years of reassurance. You can check out this link for some of the best spin bikes for exercise at home and gym.


Spin bikes often eliminate the need for other indoor and outdoor work out machines as it can cover any body part for a healthier life. You just have to know what it has and what it does better, and then make your decision.

Conclusively, always do some researches on different kinds of spin bike models before opting to buy one. This is because the market is always upgrading it to better designs for an easier work out session.