How Skating Is Good Exercise and the Importance of Having a Good Pair of Skates

When it comes to staying fit and healthy, most people often overlook skating as a top work out sport. However, it is one of the most beneficial sports when it comes to improving your physical and mental well-being. It can also help you maintain a perfect physical appearance.

Skating is the best sport to help your kids stay fit, as it is fun and enjoyable. It does not even matter if it is ice-skating or roller-skating. As long as it means that your kid will get to socialize with other kids and be active while having fun, then they will love it.

Moreover, you can always skate anywhere, from indoors to outdoors.  Besides, it is never that hard to learn. In fact, most kids often learn from each other but there is always training for the careful few.

Skating is often fun for kids and adults alike. Its health benefits also apply to both. It is an exercise you can opt to do as a family for pleasure as well as in a bid to stay healthy. In addition, it is comparable to jogging when you consider its health benefits like calorie burn and leg muscle strength.

The Health Benefits of Skating

Skating has loads of health benefits that you might not even be aware of. They range from improving body shape and balance to improving the health of your heart.

Here is a detailed look at some of the health benefits of skating to the body.

1.      Burning of Body Calories

Skating is one of the most beneficial sports that can make you burn up to 250 calories in 30 minutes. Moreover, it is a leisure cardiovascular activity that will not take a toll on your body but work to improve the rate at which your heart works.

Besides, calorie loss is often determined by your weight as well as the kind of skating you are doing. So, if you are serious about burning up some calories, you will have to make your pick very carefully be it inline skating, roller skates or rollerblades. FYI inline skating can help you burn loads of calories than any other form of skating.

2.      It Is Great For Heart Health

Skating often strengthens the heart limiting it from fatal cardiovascular diseases like strokes and heart attack. It can help keep your heart healthy and active by increasing its rate from a 140 to 160 beats per minute, that is if it is just moderate rollerblading and roller-skating.

However, speed skating or roller derby can increase your heart rate to 180 beats per minute.

3.      Building Muscle Definition

Skating is one of the easiest ways to tone up your muscles from thigh muscles and calves to butt and abs. It can actually make your whole body flexible and firm, increasing your overall muscle strength. This makes your movements and coordination better.

It can make you more limber even with age and prevent constant injuries. Besides, it is a low impact kind of sport, no jerky movement just fluid motion. This limits it from causing any strain or injuries to your muscles or joints. It is completely safe and healthy.

Moreover, the stronger your body becomes due to skating the better it will be at fighting different ailments. It does this by building on a stronger immune system that can help in reducing ailments related to bone fracture, very common in old age.

4.      Improves Balance

Skating can also help with balance, especially if you have an awkward one. This can minimize the amount of energy you often use in doing certain household chores as well as sitting and walking. A good balance also reduces body fatigue and improves your natural shape.

5.      Helps with Diabetes Control

Skating can really help with the control and prevention of diabetes. Diabetic patients are often encouraged to do loads of aerobic exercises as well as strength training which skating covers pretty well.

Skating will generally, strengthen your bones and heart as well as reduce stress level, lower your blood glucose while improving your cholesterol level, the good cholesterol. This makes it the ideal sport for controlling as well as preventing the occurrence of diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes.

Additional Health Benefits of Skating

Additionally, skating is great for mental health as it can make you happy. It will clear your mind of any bad and negative thoughts and minimize any chances of depression. It actually increases the happy hormone in your body, endorphins.

You can achieve total happiness and bliss by just skating. It is even better when it is with a group of people as you will be much happier.

The Importance of a Good Pair of Skates

A good fitting skate boot is often necessary if you want to skate for long hours stress-free. Although it might hurt at first with time, it will break and fit very well. However, it should be tight but not to the point it pains, just a snug fit. For more information about Ice Skates visit Best Skate Reviews.

Besides, you cannot achieve any of the listed health benefits without a proper pair of skates. You will just end with more damages to your feet and lower body muscles. Moreover, the snugly it is the more you will increase your endurance, have a better body balance and body shape as well as keep safe from injuries.

Therefore, try to invest in a good pair of skates, they often last longer and offer comfort no matter how many years you use them.


Skating is not only a leisure activity but also a healthy exercising sport that can make a lot of difference to your body within a short period. The fact that it is ideal for fun and fitness makes it better for persons of all ages.

Moreover, you can skate almost anywhere even at the park, depending on the kind of skating you are into. So, if you have not added skating as one of your workout sports do so diligently. In addition, if you have been skating for fun without this knowledge, now you know, keep on skating.