What Is The Best Running Shoe For Plantar Fasciitis?


Plantar Fasciitis Is Very Common:

If you are looking to know what is the best running shoe for plantar fasciitis then you have surely come to the right place. However, before we go on to talk about running shoes for plantar fasciitis there is one thing that we would very much want to let you know.

Whenever people hear the word plantar fasciitis, they tend to think that it is something extremely severe and cannot be prevented or cured. As a matter of fact, if you ask any runner out there, they will very much tell you that plantar fasciitis is indeed something that is very common. Not just amongst runners, but also all types of athletes as well.

Even though there are a number of different ways to cope up with plantar fasciitis. The safest one would surely be getting good running shoes. Once you know what is the best running shoe for plantar fasciitis and start using a pair. Then you will surely see that your running experience has turned a lot more pleasant.

Why Is It Important?

Now some may say, what is the use of knowing what is the best running shoe for plantar fasciitis? Will they actually help? The answer is yes. You see running shoes for plantar fasciitis are not just like any other running shoes on the market.

They are tailored made for plantar fasciitis. If you are looking for running shoes for plantar fasciitis then you would want something with good arch support. So that you don’t suffer from soreness and get enough support on the ankles.


Common Complaints:

People who haven’t used good running shoes before having a few complaints that running shoes are not good enough. First of all, they complain that running shoes are expensive. Well, yes they are. As a matter of fact, we would like to say they are value for the money you pay.

Because you need to realize that these types of shoes are made with a lot of effort and technology. So as a result, it is very normal that they will be priced a lot more than usual running shoes.

Another very common complaint is that they do not help much to eliminate heel pain. Well, this is not the case. Running shoes for plantar fasciitis do help a lot in eliminating heel pain. However, if you are suffering from excess pain on your heels and no type of shoe is helping. Then we would suggest you go see a doctor immediately.

What Is The Best Running Shoe For Plantar Fasciitis?

The thing about running shoes is that they there are so many different types of them out there, singling one particular one for plantar fasciitis would have been a very tough job. Which is why decided to talk about a few different running shoes that are ideal if you have plantar fasciitis. So let’s have a look.


For Men:


1.Nike Zoom Pegasus 33 (GS) Running Shoe:

Nike Zoom Pegasus 33 (GS) Running Shoe

Just like every other Nike shoe on the market, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus has been a minimal, simple and excellent pair of running shoes. Starting off with the design you will notice that it is very simple and minimal. However, it is still very good looking. Just like every other Nike shoe on the market.

However, what differentiates it from the other bunch is its comfortability. It will give you a lot of comfort for Achilles tendonitis. Keeping everything aside, the reason why we suggested this shoe for plantar fasciitis is mainly that it is extremely sturdy overall. Especially the heel. However, it does not have much flexibility in the rear sole.

Overall, the combination of so many different things really makes it one excellent choice for someone who wants a pair of affordable, yet reliable running shoe for plantar fasciitis.


  • Looks very sporty and minimal.
  • Classic design.
  • Sturdy.
  • Well built.
  • Provides good support.
  • Very grippy.



  • Not enough cushioning.


2.Brooks Mens Glycerin 14:

Brooks Mens Glycerin 14

If we are talking about what is the best running shoe for plantar fasciitis and do not talk about shoes from Brooks. Then it would just do the company injustice.

If you read our previous articles then you will know that we high praise their shoes. And for very likely reasons. It is not just us, but as a matter of fact, many podiatrists also suggest to wear shoes from Brooks. However, the problem with Brooks was that they only made casual shoes. Not sporty enough. So when they released the Brooks Men’s Glycerin 14 we were really excited to check it out. And so we did. 

Just by looking at this shoe you can tell right away that this was made for runners with plantar fasciitis. The looks are that much apparent. Once you wear the shoe, you will feel it is very soft. However, not so soft that it will feel cheap and all. It is just enough to keep you comfortable. Just like all their shoes, this one is also very well made and durable. You are very unlikely to go wrong with this one.


  • Comfortable.
  • Looks sporty.
  • Very breathable upper.
  • Flows air very well keeping you comfortable.


  • Does not provide much grip in wet conditions.


3. Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 19 Running Shoe:

Mizuno Men's Wave Rider 19 Running Shoe

Many people may not have heard of them, but Mizuno makes some excellent running shoes especially for plantar fasciitis. Well, Mizuno is a very old company with a classic heritage. So what you will be getting out from this shoe is a piece of a pure classic.

As a matter of fact, the Wave Rider 20 is Mizuno’s most popular shoes of them all. It shows Mizuno’s potential and how much it has the ability to offer. The reason why most runners suffer from plantar fasciitis is that their shoes are either too soft or too flexible.

The Mizuno Rider, however, hits the sweet point. It is very well built, durable and most importantly comfortable.


  • Excellent outsole pattern.
  • The plushy foam inside is very comfortable.
  • Feels sturdy and firm.
  • Does not take any time to break in.


  • Lacks brand value.


For Women:


1.New Balance Women’s W1340v2 Optimum Control Running Shoe:

New Balance Women's W1340v2 Optimum Control Running Shoe

New Balance has been in the market for athletic and sports shoes for quite a long time. And over this long period, they have made some excellent shoes. Shoes that are not only dedicated to running or jogging. But curing and coping up with feet problems such as plantar fasciitis as well. And this is exactly that shoe that you would want if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis.

New Balance uses which they call Stabilicore medial support system. What this does is that it helps so that you can walk comfortably. It also helps to create the perfect transition between the heel strike and the shoe itself. Keeping you balanced at all times and in all conditions. You will not have to change the insoles with orthopedic ones. Because the inserts that come with it are very flexible, supportive and most importantly comfortable. The outer rubber sole is also very well made and will provide you excellent grip. However, if you are concerned about durability, then you shouldn’t be at all. Because the rubber compound on the outsole provides extreme protection on the highest impacts.

The extended web support adds stability and extra support as well. It also helps a lot in pronation control as well. The toe box of this shoe is very wide. So you will be able to move your feet all around and not feel cramped wearing it. Overall, this is a shoe that was made for people who are suffering from plantar fasciitis and want something to comfortably walk and run around in. Because of the impressive motion control features and all the other things that come with it. This is truly an excellent shoe.


  • Looks very sporty.
  • Has a very molded fit.
  • Perfect for flat feet or plantar fasciitis.
  • Affordable.
  • Durable.


  • The strip of material on the toe box outer aspects is further toward the toe into the side of the foot.


2. Nike Women’s Flex 2016 Rn Running Shoe:

Nike Women’s Flex 2016 Rn Running Shoe


If we are speaking of high quality and durable shoes, then Nike has to be on top of the list. Even though they are very well known for making sports shoes. Recently they have started to make shoes with a very comfortable knitted material. And that is the main reason why these shoes are so comfortable. The Nike Women’s Flex 2016 Rn Running Shoe is probably one of the best for running.

The main attraction of this shoe is undoubtedly it’s versatility. Even though it looks like a training shoe, you can wear it on a daily basis. And it is also very comfortable. So you are getting that as well. Getting so much from a shoe is appreciable. The reason that makes this shoe so comfortable is that of the soft foam midsole that provides a decent level of flexible cushioning. Even though these shoes look good. They feel even better.

If you are looking for the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis. Then you would want to buy a shoe with excellent stability and support. And the Nike Women’s Flex 2016 Rn Running Shoe does just that. The extra width of the outsole provides excellent stability. Also, the upper of the shoe doesn’t have any overlays which give you a better support. The mesh upper also increases the breathability of the shoe. The upper also makes the shoe very light.

Since these shoes are made from Nike they are very durable. And will last you for a long period. Even if you use them roughly. These are built to stand everything.

However, the problem with these shoes is that they are a bit narrow. The inserts of the shoe are also very narrow. And if you are someone with wide feet then this may be a problem. But overall, these are a great pair of shoes. You can use them on a regular basis, and you can also wear them to the gym or for a walk. If you want comfort and don’t require much top foot protection, this shoe is an excellent choice.


  • High brand value.
  • Premium built.
  • Comfy and lightweight.
  • Comes in some colors.
  • Fits very well.
  • Breathable, one-piece mesh upper
  • Provides excellent flexible cushioning that lasts
  • Durable rubber pods placed over high-wear areas of the outsole.
  • Simplistic and lightweight design.


  • A bit too tight for people with wide feet.


Final Verdict:

As we said before, answering what is the best running shoe for plantar fasciitis is truly a very tough question. As there are so many different types of them out there. Which is why talked about a lot of shoes in the article. We really hope that these reviews will really help you a lot in making your purchase.

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